We help nonprofits with a range of software tasks

  • scale their impact.
  • build more efficiently.
  • connect their data.
  • explore new technologies.
  • improve system security.
  • design for the future.
  • get things done.


Technology can help every organization streamline, automate, and scale. We're a 501(c)(3) public charity that uses software to further the efforts of other nonprofits. We prioritize working on issues of economic opportunity and environmental stability. Learn more about who we are on our blog.


We're former senior engineers from Google, with a track record in pro-bono software consulting. We have experience in backend infrastructure, regulatory compliance, privacy, security, and data health. You can read about our clients' experience working with us here.

Here to help

While we're not currently taking on new clients - if you are (or know of) an impact-driven charity that could benefit from software, please reach out! If you're a prospective client, check out our FAQ for prospective clients.

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