Scaling efforts to transform the global energy system

We’ve been working with RMI since December of 2022, and had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for them in that interval:


RMI’s OCI+ project quantifies and compares greenhouse gas emissions intensities from global oil and gas assets. To do this, they use a number of underlying models, such as the Oil Production Greenhouse gas Emissions Estimator.

For the OCI+ project, our role has been two pieces in particular:

  • Containerizing the OPGEEv4 codebase to make it easier to install, and as a precursor to deploying it cloud environments
  • Creating an admin web interface for triggering modelling runs on cloud resources
  • This isn’t open-source yet, but it will be at some point!


RMI’s PACTA project measures the alignment of financial portfolios with how various climate change scenarios affect companies in those portfolios. Our role in the project has been to build RMI’s next-generation web platform for exposing their financial portfolio analysis tools to their end-users, as well as deploying the infrastructure on Azure. The code is available at github.com/RMI-PACTA/app


RMI’s WasteMAP project is focused on creating greater transparency on methane emissions data from solid waste (e.g. landfills). The site is live at wastemap.earth.

Importantly, we did not build the WasteMAP site, but we did the cloud architecture work, containerized the various components, Terraform’d and deployed the whole stack (in their Azure tenant), and provided support for integrating new components after launch.

Credential Service

As we deployed user-facing APIs across several RMI projects, RMI asked if we could provide a unified experience (e.g. single API key, monitoring, etc) across all of them, so we built out a simple credential service that allows end-user and API key authentication to be centralized in a single place. The code is available at github.com/RMI/credential-service.

Working with RMI

We love working with RMI because of their deep commitment to evidence-backed climate work, and thankfully, they find our collaboration valuable!